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About Jon


        Jon started in voiceover in high school and has had several successful careers since then.  He has worked as a Session Singer, CCM Artist  (Gaither Vocal Band), Carrol lee Singers on the Grand 'Ole Opry,  a prolific Songwriter in Nashville,  and even lived overseas in Ukraine for  9 years working with hospitals and orphanages along with his wife Luanne, and their 6 kids.

       In the last 15 years Jon has voiced literally thousands of Voice Overs, including the new CSB version of the Bible from Lifeway Publishing. He also narrated a Discovery Channal documentary: Secrets of the Lost Ark.  Jon is currently working from his home studio in Nashville, Tenn.


        Jon is grateful for his years working as a Voice Actor in LA:   "It has allowed me to study and grow my craft among some of the giants in the business!   I've had the chance to study with some amazing teachers and coaches. And I count it a privilege to call some of the most amazing Voice Actors on the planet friends."   


        He considers his move to LA as pivotal in his success as a voice actor.


        To book Jon you can contact him directly via the contact from. 

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