About Jon


        Jon started in voiceover in high school and has had several successful careers since then.  He has worked as a Session Singer, CCM Artist  (Gaither Vocal Band), Carrol lee Singers on the Grand 'Ole Opry,  a prolific Songwriter in Nashville,  and even lived overseas in Ukraine for  9 years working with hospitals and orphanages along with his wife Luanne, and their 6 kids.

       In the last 10 years Jon has voiced literally thousands of Voice Overs, including the new CSB version of the Bible from Lifeway Publishing. Jon is currently working from either his home studio in Nashville, Tenn ... or in Redding, California. 


        Jon is grateful for his years working as a Voice Actor in LA:   "It has allowed me to study and grow my craft among some of the giants in the business!   I've had the chance to study with some amazing teachers and coaches. And I count it a privilege to call some of the most amazing Voice Actors on the planet friends."   


        He considers his move to LA as pivotal in his success as a voice actor.


        To book Jon you can contact him directly via the contact from.